Q. What is the Tetrapak technology and how does it help keep food fresh?

A. Tetrapak uses a special packaging technology that seals the food to eliminate bacteria growth. The food remains fresh without added preservatives till the packet is opened and comes in contact with the atmosphere.

Q. Do we get the same nutrition from packaged foods as from fresh foods?

A. Packaged food from Dansa Foods retain their original nutritional value because of the superior quality of processing. Foods like ……………. also come reinforced with essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins to add extra nourishment.

Q. How does Dansa Foods ensure hygiene in its food products?

A. Dansa Foods has state-of-the-art food processing plants that are completely mechanized and sterilized. They eliminate manual contact to maintain hygiene and retain the natural goodness of the foods.

Q. How should I store food from Tetrapaks after opening the packet?

A. Once opened, the contents from a Tetrapak should be refrigerated. The life varies from one product to the other. See the instructions on the packaging to make sure you do not keep the food beyond its prescribed life.

Q. How do I maintain a balanced diet?

A. To maintain a balanced diet, make sure you eat a good variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Grains, vegetables and fruits provide the largest amount of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health and to fight disease. Fibers help in absorption by providing bulk to your food. Proteins from meat, poultry, eggs and fish reinforce the muscles and give energy. Fats also provide essential energy, but your diet should restrict the amount to approximately one-third of all the food. This will lower the risk of high cholesterol and related risk of heart disease. Also make sure to have plenty of fluids, at least 1 litre of water in a day.

Q. What should be my daily calorie intake?